FACT™ Molding

This is a plastic injection molding process validation technique that results in Fast Accurate Consistent Tight-Tolerance (FACT) Molding. A process that uses the FACTS of physics to increase quality while decreasing cycle time of an injection molding process. This process does not require the purchase of transducers or any other equipment. ATech Designs, Inc. trains Process Engineers/Press Operators how the process works and give them software and procedures to come up with the optimum process. It leaves the guesswork out of molding and makes the process more capable for validation. We will optimize one or more processes as part of the training program. We also guarantee the results. If the new process does not improve the existing process, then there is no charge for the training, software, and procedure. The FACT™ Molding technique has been used at many large and small molding facilities with very positive results. (References are available upon request.)