Product Design and Development

Product Design is where we use our creativity and innovative engineering skills to design a product. Our designs start out very simple and only get more complicated if absolutely necessary. This philosophy of design builds quality into a product by keeping the number of parts down, which reduces the number of potential quality issues and reduces cost. We design all our products using SolidWorks© CAD software. We can import DXF, DWG, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, ACIS, VDAFS, VRML, STL, Catia Graphics, ProE, UGII, Inventor Part, Solid Edge Part, and CADKEY parts. We can export Parasolid, IGES, STEP AP203, STEP AP214, ACIS, VDAFS, VRML, STL, eDrawing, Catia Graphics, ProE, JPEG, RealityWave ZGL, HCG, HOOPS HSF, PDF, and TIF.

Product Development is where we start with ideas and use thorough engineering practices to turn those ideas into high quality, manufacturable, profitable products. The founder of ATech Designs, Inc. uses a German style of engineering. This style consists of refining designs or perfecting things that currently work well and applying advanced technology, where needed, to design new concepts to fit a market need or to solve a problem. Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to combine what already works with wheels with new technology to design the best wheel. We also work hard to design quality into our products and we always keep manufacturing in mind when we design a product. We make tolerances as loose as possible and we utilize current known consistent manufacturing techniques to create a product that is very capable of being manufactured to specification. This is commonly referred to as Design For Manufacturing and Assembly or DFMA.

Inventors may submit ideas to us using our Entry Agreement. We will then review the idea with our board of advisors and designers. We will also perform an initial patent search and market analysis to see if the design is patentable and to see if someone else has already thought of the idea. If we like the idea and find that it is unigue and novel, then we will either ask you to sign a License Agreement or a Representation Agreement. The License Agreement will be used if ATech Designs, Inc. decides to manufacture and/or sell the product. The Representation Agreement will be used if we represent you to one our client companies to manufacture and/or sell your product.

We can also do the idea generation and conceptual brainstorming for you. If you come up with the problem, then ATech Designs, Inc. will come up with the ideas and product concepts to solve the problem or market need. Our Think-Tank Team consists of a diverse group of people that pool ideas together.

ATech Designs, Inc. then follows FDA/GMP/ISO standards to manage an entire project or small portions of a development project. We take pride in providing complete thorough documentation for all our products. Each design history file is organized so that someone unfamiliar with the product can understand the product and the complete development process. We work with narrow or broad cross-functional teams and provide updates on the project progress on a regular basis.